Review Policy

At TechEpics, our reviews are inherently influenced by the personal opinions of our editors. We acknowledge that the act of reviewing, especially in the context of video games, lacks the precision of an exact science, and the elusive nature of quality often eludes precise measurement, despite our earnest desire for such objectivity.

However, we recognize the importance of applying certain criteria in our game reviews. These criteria can be categorized as follows:

Review Process

Product Selection: We select PC components for review based on various factors, including market relevance, reader interest, and requests from our community.

Objective Assessment: Our reviews aim to provide an objective evaluation of each product’s performance, features, and value. We do not accept compensation or gifts in exchange for positive reviews, and our reviewers are not influenced by outside interests.

Testing Environment: We test PC components in a controlled environment to ensure consistency and fairness. Our test systems are regularly updated to reflect current industry standards.

Duration of Testing: We rigorously test products over an extended period to assess long-term performance and reliability. The duration of testing varies depending on the type of component and its intended use.

Review Content

Unbiased Opinions: Our reviews are based on our unbiased assessment of the product’s pros and cons. We express our honest opinions, and we do not endorse or promote any product for financial gain.

Comprehensive Analysis: Our reviews cover various aspects of the product, including performance benchmarks, build quality, design, ease of use, compatibility, and any unique features.

Transparency: If we receive a product sample from a manufacturer for review, we disclose this information within the review. However, receiving a product sample does not influence the outcome of the review.

Comparative Analysis: In many cases, we compare the product being reviewed to other similar products on the market to provide readers with context for their decision-making.

Affiliate Links and Advertising

Affiliate Links: We may include affiliate links in our reviews that lead to online retailers. These links may earn us a small commission if you make a purchase through them. However, this does not impact the product’s price or your shopping experience.

Advertising: may display advertisements on its website, but these do not influence the content of our reviews. Advertisements are clearly marked and separated from editorial content.

Reader Engagement

Comments and Feedback: We encourage our readers to leave comments and feedback on our reviews. We value your input and may take it into consideration for future reviews.

Corrections and Updates: If any factual inaccuracies or errors are identified in our reviews, we are committed to promptly correcting and updating the content.

Conflict of Interest

Disclosure: If a staff member has a conflict of interest, such as a personal or financial relationship with a manufacturer or distributor, it will be disclosed in the review.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries related to our review policy, please contact us at We value open communication with our readers and the wider community.