NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 SUPER review and sales embargo information leaks out

In an unprecedented move, NVIDIA has strategically planned seven embargoes for its highly anticipated RTX 40 SUPER graphics cards. The company is all set to make a grand reveal during the ‘Special Address’ at CES 2024, where three new cards will take the spotlight: the RTX 4070 SUPER, RTX 4070 Ti SUPER, and RTX 4080 SUPER.

The detailed embargo schedule reveals a meticulous rollout plan, with emphasis on dividing reviews into MSRP and non-MSRP categories, giving priority to the former. The seven embargoes are as follows:

  • January 8 (9 AM PT): RTX 4070/4070Ti/4080 SUPER announcement
  • January 8 (2 PM PT): RTX 4070 SUPER unboxing
  • January 16 (6 AM PT): RTX 4070 SUPER MSRP Reviews
  • January 17 (6 AM PT): RTX 4070 SUPER non-MSRP Reviews & Product Launch (On-Shelf)
  • January 23 (6 AM PT): RTX 4070 Ti SUPER MSRP Reviews
  • January 24 (6 AM PT): RTX 4070 Ti SUPER non-MSRP Reviews & Product Launch (On-Shelf)
  • January 30 (6 AM PT): RTX 4080 SUPER MSRP Reviews
  • January 31 (6 AM PT): RTX 4080 SUPER non-MSRP Reviews & Product Launch (On-Shelf)

Enthusiasts, reviewers, and board partners can brace themselves for a flurry of activity in the coming weeks as NVIDIA gears up to introduce a series of new cards, one after the other. The comprehensive embargo list confirms the speculated SKU names, affirming the existence of the Ti SUPER variant.

SKUDescriptionKey ActivityProductDateTime
PG141 SKU 335GeForce Desktop EmbargoProduct AnnouncementRTX 4070 SUPERJan 89AM Pacific
PG141 SKU 323GeForce Desktop EmbargoProduct AnnouncementRTX 4070 Ti SUPERJan 89AM Pacific
PG139 SKU 355GeForce Desktop EmbargoProduct AnnouncementRTX 4080 SUPERJan 89AM Pacific
Unboxing VideosAIC Press & Influencer Reviews: MSRP OnlyJan 82PM Pacific
RTX 4070 SUPERJan 166AM Pacific
Jan 236AM Pacific
RTX 4070 Ti SUPERJan 306AM Pacific
Jan 246AM Pacific
RTX 4070 Ti SUPERJan 316AM Pacific
Jan 176AM Pacific
AIC Press & Influencer Reviews: Non-MSRP OnlyJan 246AM Pacific
Jan 316AM Pacific
Jan 176AM Pacific
Jan 246AM Pacific
Jan 316AM Pacific

While the disclosed list is extensive, it doesn’t cover all bases. There are additional models in the pipeline, such as the RTX 4090D specifically designed for the Chinese market, set to hit shelves in January with a separate embargo yet to be confirmed. Another notable mention is the RTX 3060 6GB, a Q1 product with timing details still pending confirmation. NVIDIA’s ambitious release schedule confirms that a total of five different cards will be hitting the market in the coming weeks, promising an exciting start to the year for GPU enthusiasts worldwide.

SKUBoard & SKUGPUCUDA CoresMemoryTGPPower ConnectorOn-Shelf DateMSRP
PG139 SKU 355AD103-400RTX 4080 SUPER1024016GB G6X320W1x 12VHPWRJan 31, 2024TBC
PG139 SKU 360AD103-300RTX 4080972816GB G6X320W1x 12VHPWRSep 20, 2022$1199
PG141 SKU 323AD103-275RTX 4070 Ti SUPER844816GB G6X285W1x 12VHPWRJan 24, 2024TBC
PG141 SKU 331AD104-400RTX 4070768012GB G6X285W1x 12VHPWRTBCTBC
PG141 SKU 335AD104-350RTX 4070 SUPER716812GB G6X225W1x 12VHPWRJan 17, 2024$799
PG141 SKU 344AD104-250RTX 4070588812GB G6X200W1x 12VHPWR/8-pinJan 5, 2023$599

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