Large European retailer mistakenly lists 24 GeForce RTX 4090 SUPER cards

In a recent development, a prominent European retailer, Proshop, inadvertently listed 24 units of the GeForce RTX 4090 SUPER graphics card on its website. This comes amid NVIDIA’s embargo on information related to the upcoming RTX 40 SUPER series, set to be released in January. It seems, however, that Proshop’s administrator may not have been privy to the fact that the RTX 4090 SUPER is not part of the current product roadmap.

Upon close inspection, the Proshop website showcases these 24 graphics cards labeled as RTX 4090 SUPER, complete with the product codes and packaging design matching the existing RTX 4090 cards. Despite receiving multiple tips about this anomaly, it’s important to clarify that this is simply an error on the part of the retailer.


Adding to the complexity of the situation, Proshop operates in multiple European countries, and this error seems to be replicated across all regional sites. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that the RTX 4090 SUPER listed by Proshop is not a new SUPER variant; rather, it is the same card that has already been available on the market for some time.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming RTX 40 SUPER series, it’s essential for consumers and enthusiasts alike to be aware that the listing on Proshop’s website is a mistake and not an early revelation of a new NVIDIA product. The actual details and specifications of the RTX 40 SUPER cards are still under embargo until the official release in January.

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