China’s fastest domestic gaming GPU gets massive performance boost from new drivers, up to 80% jump in some games, as the country grapples with RTX 4090 ban

China’s premier gaming graphics card developer, Moore Threads, has unveiled a significant performance enhancement for its inaugural MTT S80 GPU through a comprehensive driver update. This development assumes heightened significance in the wake of the United States government’s prohibition on Nvidia’s RTX 4090, the fastest gaming GPU, within the country.

The MTT S80 has witnessed a noteworthy boost in performance across various gaming titles, with a remarkable double-digit increase in five AAA games. Notably, one game experienced an impressive 80% improvement. The latest 240.50 version driver, a pivotal element for first-generation products, has substantially elevated the average frame rates across titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which saw an 80% enhancement, and Far Cry: New Dawn, where a 30% improvement was observed. Other prominent titles, including Valorant and Grand Theft Auto V, recorded a 60% increase, while Assetto Corsa achieved a 50% bump in performance.

Moreover, the new driver introduces support for 18 additional games, addressing potential performance issues that may have existed previously. While specific performance metrics for these games were not disclosed, it suggests a commitment to refining the gaming experience on the MTT S80.

Navigating the intricacies of driver optimization for GPUs with novel architectures, particularly for a company’s inaugural product, is a formidable challenge. Even established players like Intel have faced difficulties in fully optimizing their GPUs, with ongoing updates for their Arc Alchemist GPUs showcasing the complexity of this task.

Despite challenges, Moore Threads remains committed to advancing its technology. Recent workforce reductions, attributed to U.S. sanctions on Chinese GPUs, underscore the company’s resilience. Notably, these setbacks have not hindered Moore Threads from progressing with the development of its next-generation MTT S90 gaming GPU. The continued focus on driver updates, exemplified by this latest release, signifies the company’s dedication to a regular cadence of improvements, building upon the foundation laid by earlier updates earlier this year.

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