8 Best Motherboards For i9 10900K for 2023

The i9 10900K is a 10th generation Intel Lake processor that has proven itself to be an absolute performance beast. It has 10 cores, 20 threads, and a base frequency of 3.70 GHz that can reach up to 5.30 GHz. With all these features, i9 10900K offers incredible potential for overclocking too. This is why both professionals and gamers are using this processor for maximum performance output. Intel enhanced the octa-core speed by 7% and turbo frequencies by 13% as compared to processors available in the market and delivered i9 10900K. This is how it gives Ryzen 5800X neck-to-neck competition.

But to unleash the true potential out of i9 10900K, it must be paired with compatible and high-quality PC components. The motherboard happens to be one of the most important PC components. The motherboard can be called the brain of a PC rig. It connects all other components and allows them to communicate efficiently. If you end up investing in an unsuitable motherboard for i9 10900K, you may end up facing extreme bottleneck and performance issues. But choosing a motherboard is not easy and not everyone can even choose a capable motherboard. People need to do tons of research and analyze the market to make a smart motherboard choice.

That is why I have done the research and analysis for you and come up with the list of Best Motherboards For i9 10900K. So without further ado. Let’s get into it.

Things To Consider

Intel i9 10900K is the newest product in the market so choosing the most capable motherboard can be a difficult task. So check these specifications while choosing a motherboard for i9 10900K and actually these tips can help you choose a suitable motherboard for any processor.

CPU Socket: The motherboard you buy should have a socket that is suitable for the processor you have bought. It is very much possible that a motherboard with an incompatible socket may not work with your processor at all and if it works you will face serious underperformance issues. The LGA 1200 socket is the most suitable for i9 10900K. All the motherboards in my Best Motherboards for i9 10900K list have LGA 1200 sockets.

PCIe and M.2 Slots: Check to make sure that the motherboard you are buying has enough PCIe and M.2 slots to make the best out of your GPU and storage drives. Also, look for other latest connection solutions and expansion slots.

Cooling Solutions: Processors produce tons of heat during work-incentive hours or while overclocking. So always buy a motherboard with enough cooling solutions i.e. fans, Heatpipe and heatsink, etc. A power beast processor like i9 10900K will produce an abundance of heat. Hence make sure you invest in a motherboard with extensive cooling solutions or else you’ll need to spend money on a CPU cooler.

VRM: You must check the VRM while buying a motherboard. A motherboard with higher VRM has more potential for overclocking so always buy a motherboard with decent VRM.

Design and aesthetics: It is good to consider the aesthetics and general look of the motherboard. You can also check for RGB headers and RGB software. After all, the only thing better than a power motherboard is a powerful and Stylish motherboard. You should also consider the RAM, brand, and power delivery of the motherboard before investing in it.

List of Best Motherboards For i9 10900K

1. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge


  • Incredible power delivery solutions.
  • High quality VRM with 12 + 2 phases of power delivery.
  • Decent onboard audio.
  • Comprehensive RGB lighting controls and multiple fan headers for custom cooling solutions.


  • Issues with BIOS.
  • RGB software can malfunction at times.
  • Fewer features compared to competing motherboards.
  • Less robust heatsinks compared to other boards.

MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi comes loaded with advanced technology and the latest features. It is a great choice for gamers, enthusiasts, and PC builders alike. This motherboard was engineered to provide the absolute best performance and overcome any challenge. MSI claims that they tested this motherboard with the most in-demand memory brand under different conditions for ultimate compatibility and stability. It is also very stylish looking and provides unmatched personalization. The MYSTIC LIGHT RGB software allows the user to play with 16.8 million colors and 29 combinations with one click. It is also very easy to use this software to customize the RGB and LED strips of all the devices connected to the PC.

MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi comes with a pre-installed I/O shield for user convenience and better EMI protection. Moreover, it uses a 12+1+1 Duet power system, Core Boost technology, 8+4 pin CPU connectors, and DDR4 boost to deliver an enhanced power supply to the processor. The decent power supply helps in providing consistent and stable performance. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi is also equipped with USB 3.2 Gen2x2 that can transfer up to 20 Gb/s data for faster processing. This motherboard provides an upgraded LAN manager, 2.5 LAN, and WIFI 6 solution. These solutions help deliver secure, fast, and stable network connections for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi also has a very efficient and effective cooling system. The aluminum cover heatsink, M.2 Shield Froze, pump fan support and thermal pad maintain the temperature of the rig. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi is available for just $205-$210 which makes it one of the best budget Motherboards for i9 10900K. It offers a decent amount of features for a reasonable price tag. However, some people have reported some issues with the BIOS and RGB software of this motherboard. But sure enough, there are ways to fix these issues in most cases if they are encountered. So overall, MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi is still a solid motherboard.

2. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex


  • Amazing overclocking performance.
  • Impeccable Power supply solutions.
  • Ability to activate 16 power stages for best performance.
  • 5G LAN and Wifi6 integrated.
  • Preinstalled I/O shield.
  • Supports LN2 overclocking.


  • Unconventional aesthetic design may put off users not looking for a gaming motherboard.
  • Limited number of M.2 slots & SATA ports.

This is a premium motherboard with intelligent AI- technology controls, high-quality components, and abundant features. It is equipped with everything a motherboard needs to unleash the full potential of the 10th Generation Lake Comet processors. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex has a sleek and stylish look as well as ASUS exclusive Aura Sync RGB software and Gen 2 RGB headers. It even features 5-way optimization and easy to install BIOS. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex integrates advanced intelligent controls i.e. AI overclocking and AI cooling. These controls allow the users to tune in the overclocking profiles and manage the cooling ability of the motherboard efficiently. It also has adequate connectivity solutions.

The WIFI 6 (AX201) improves the network speed for an exceptional gaming experience and Intel 2.5 GB Ethernet gives your wired connection up to 2.5X boast for faster file transfer. Besides this, it uses a 16 power stage design, Dual 8-pin Pro Cool 11 Power connector, Micro Fine alloy chokes, and 10K Japanese black metallic capacitors to deliver a precise power supply for ultimate overclocking performance. All these excellent features make ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex one of the Best Motherboards for i9 10900K. This motherboard also uses the latest heatsink designs and fan headers to manage the temperature of the rig.

ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex also has the latest gaming technologies like Ram cache II etc to boost game loading times and give the users a huge in-game advantage. So if you are a gaming enthusiast then this motherboard is ideal for you. It also provides HD audio with the help of Supreme FX audio technology and codec 10 Channels so you’ll get to enjoy a superior audio gaming experience. This motherboard also comes with 8 SATA ports, 5 USB 3.2 Gen 1, and 1 USB 3.2 Gen 2 port to connect different devices. It is available online for $550-$560 which is still a little expensive and not exactly budget-friendly. But it is still the ultimate overclocking motherboard and I would recommend you to buy it if you are an overclocking enthusiast.



  • Robust UEFI BIOS with support for overclocking and EZ OC.
  • Onboard Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax with added Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Sturdy 10+2 digital power delivery system optimized for Intel
  • Supports DDR4 4666 MHz memory.
  • Enhanced thermal design with heatsinks for the power delivery,
  • Aesthetically pleasing RGB lighting with RGB fusion 2.0.


  • No PCIe 4.0 support for the latest generation of GPUs.
  • Can only accommodate up to 128 GB RAM.
  • Users reported issues with onboard Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax adapter reliability.

GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Xtreme is one of the Best Motherboards for i9 10900K. It features incredible power design, premium components, and robust power solutions for an extreme gaming experience and unmatched overclocking performance. GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Xtreme also comes with RGB support, LEDs, and RGB fusion software to control and create endless lightning effects for aesthetics. In addition, the digital PWM controller, polymer capacitor array, 8+8 solid pin connectors, and smart power stages enable it to deliver 90A from each phase. This motherboard also uses an innovative thermal design that contributes to CPU stability and maintains low temperature even while overclocking. Hence GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Xtreme is perfect for each extreme gaming and top-notch overclocking performance. 

GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Xtreme provides industry-leading connectivity with the help of Intel ThunderboltTM 3, WIFI 6 802.11ax, AUROS Antenna, and USB turbocharger. All these solutions provide high bandwidth and efficient internet connection for a smooth online experience. Furthermore, this motherboard uses Fins-Array II, M.2 thermal guards, hybrid fan headers, Nanocarbon baseplate, and Direct-Touch HeatPipe to maintain the temperature of the rig. It even incorporates the advance FAN STOP technology, hybrid fan headers, and multiple temperature sensors for smart cooling. These features and components enable GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Xtreme to keep the PC cool for maximum redundancy and hardware stability.

GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Xtreme even makes use of the new revolutionary “XTREME MEMORY” technologies like SMT DIMM and Shielded Memory Routing. This technology helps the PC in reaching the highest possible memory clock and deliver unmatched performance. So you know you need to go for this motherboard if you are an overclocking enthusiast. You can buy this motherboard on Amazon for $755-$760. It is a little pricey so not ideal for those that are on a tight budget. Experts have also highlighted the need to add a USB port to the IO panel. But other than these minor downsides, GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Xtreme is an ideal motherboard for i9 10900K with amazing specs. You should buy this motherboard if you can afford it.

4. ASUS Z490-E ROG Strix Gaming


  • Comprehensive cooling options with up to 7 fan headers.
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C port on the rear I/O panel.
  • PCIe 4.0 ready for future GPU upgrades.
  • Robust power delivery with an efficient VRM heat sink design.
  • Variety of features such as Wifi, Bluetooth, and 2.5GbE LAN onboard.


  • Rear I/O area could use additional ports for more flexibility.
  • Could have used more external RGB LED connections.
  • Plastic chipset shroud has to be removed to access the top M.2 spreader.

ASUS Z490-E ROG Strix Gaming comes with an optimized power design, enhanced cooling solution, and advanced connectivity to meet the demands of i9 10900K. The cyberpunk aesthetics and stainless steel aesthetics also make this motherboard eye candy. The AI technology and intuitive dashboards make it easy for users to tweak all the features as they wish. The Aura Sync RGB lighting provides unmatched personalization and the ability to customize different devices connected to the motherboard. The high-performance network solutions of this motherboard enable it to provide high bandwidth and low latency network connections. The WIFI 6 AX201, Intel 2.5 Gb Ethernet, and ASUS LANGuard manage the network and enhance system performance for an elite Online experience.

ASUS Z490-E ROG Strix Gaming also has AI controls that help the users in profiling various parameters and features of the CPU. They provide an advanced customizable setting. Additionally, ASUS Z490-E ROG Strix Gaming comes with a Display Port 1.4, Dual M.2 slots, and USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A as well as Type-C ports. This motherboard is also DIY-friendly and 100% compatibility certified. This is why it is compatible with a range of products and brands so the PC builders can pair it with any brand. The I/O shield is pre-mounted and the BIOS flashback is unproblematic and user-friendly. The 14+2 power stages, premium alloy chokes, capacitors, and ProCool II power connectors enable it to supply power to sensitive and power-hungry components of the PC.

It can also provide an adequate power supply to feed a powerful beast like i9 10900K. Furthermore, ASUS Z490-E ROG Strix Gaming comes with a Heatpipe, VRM heatsink, M.2 heatsinks, fan bracket, and MOS fan to keep the Processor cool and deliver stable performance. It also delivers boosted audio thanks to its audio components. The unique 5-Way optimization feature also helps in tuning-in the motherboard. ASUS Z490-E ROG Strix Gaming can be bought from Amazon for just $395-$400. Again it is an expensive option. Also, some people have complained that the plastic chipset shroud has to be removed to access the top M.2 spreader which is a hassle.

5. MSI MEG Z490 Godlike


  • Durable titanium-infused cooling design.
  • Features up to 96W TDP and 12+2+1 power stages.
  • Wide range of features such as 10 GbE LAN, 2.5 GbE LAN, Intel Wifi 6, Thunderbolt 3 Type C, PCI Gen4 M.2 slots with robust heatsinks and more.
  • RGB lighting control & synchronization.


  • Could use additional fan headers for better cooling options.
  • Difficult to install due to design complexities.
  • Firmware could use some additional optimization.

MSI MEG Z490 Godlike is one of the Best Motherboards for i9 10900K thanks to its impeccable features, military-grade components, and future-proof abilities so you can invest once and enjoy the gaming for few good years. This flagship motherboard was built to push the limits of gaming and provide unparalleled redundancy. Also, it does not lack in aesthetic aspects either. The sleek style and Mystic Light allow the users to create endless effects and serve edgy aesthetics. Also, it features special easy access buttons and controls for hardware tuning. The smart buttons can be used to reset the computer and control Turbo Fan, Safe boot as well as manage EZ LED with just one click.

There are also two extra M.2 slots that come with their own smart fan cooling solution to utilize the storage devices efficiently. It even comes with a dynamic and user-friendly dashboard II to tweak various parameters of the motherboard. Besides this, MSI MEG Z490 Godlike utilizes 90A power stages, the digital PWM, 16+1+1 phases, CPU power connectors, and mirrored power arrangement to provide a robust power supply to all parts of the PC components. The thermal cooling design keeps the temperature of the PC built low. The Heatpipe, Frozr heatsink, M.2 shield Frozr, and stacked Fin Array work together to dissipate the heat for maximum efficiency.

Additionally, this motherboard features outstanding networking solutions to provide a stable internet connection. The onboard 10G LAN, WiFi 6, and 2.5G LAN improves the wireless connection and ensures that the latency-sensitive applications receive bandwidth on a priority basis. It also comes with lightning-fast Gen 4 solutions to transfer data faster and provide amazing overclocking performance. It also comes with high-quality capacitors, headphone amplifiers, and ESS Audio DAC to provide upgraded audio and an improved gaming experience. MSI MEG Z490 Godlike is available on Amazon for $640-$650. This motherboard is indeed a very high-end option that is perfect for Gamer enthusiasts but again it is a little expensive. Experts have also reported some issues with its RGB software but other than this MSI MEG Z490 Godlike delivers in every aspect.

6. Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC


  • High-performance VRM with advanced thermal design.
  • Dual PCIe 4.0 x16 slots and three M.2 slots.
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 AIC support.


  • lacks a Thunderbolt 3 connector.
  • Could use some additional fan headers for better cooling options.

Next on my list is a motherboard that is the ultimate fusion of aesthetics and performance. This motherboard is equipped with excellent PC components and the latest features to provide top-notch overclocking and gaming performance. Also, the Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC provides LED customization and RGB Fusion 2.0 application that gives the user complete control over the lights surrounding the motherboard. Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC is equipped with a thermal design, thermal pad, and MOSFET heatsink to get rid of the heat produced during intense gaming sessions. The M.2 heatsink and Smart 5 technology give the users complete control over the speed of the fans.

There are also temperature sensors, hybrid fans, water pump connectors, and Intuitive fan control that can be used to manage fan speed. This can be used to minimize the fan noise by decreasing the speed of the fan during low working hours. The PCIe 4.0 design and PCIe 3.0 slots push the GPUs and storage drives to provide better output performance. Moreover, Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC features 8+4 solid-pin power connectors, solid capacitors, digital controller, and 12+1 power phases to provide an adequate power supply to the PC. The latest PCIe solution and optimized power solution are the reason it is one of the Best Motherboards for i9 10900K.

Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC makes use of 2.5 GbE LAN and Intel Dual Band Wifi to provide 2X faster internet connection and speedy file transfer. It also has premium audio components to deliver pristine in-game audio. The audio capacitors, high-end WIMA, and audio noise guard control noise pollution produced by PC components to deliver a better gaming experience. Its BIOS update can also be installed easily without installing CPU or memory. You can buy Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC from Amazon for $220-$225 which is quite reasonable and even budget-friendly. However, it lacks a Thunderbolt 3 connector for fast data transfer but this is a minor issue. Overall, it is still a decent motherboard for i9 10900K.

7. ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G Gaming WiFi


  • Supports up to 128GB of RAM for more memory intensive tasks.
  • Faster data transfer speeds between components with multiple PCIe Gen 3.0 lanes.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 provide faster connection speeds.
  • An M.2 slot supports up to 14TB of storage space.
  • Multiple RGB headers let you customize your system’s appearance.


  • Lacks support for multiple GPUs due to its smaller size.
  • More expensive than other motherboards in its class.

ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G Gaming WiFi is a great mid-range motherboard that offers real-world Elite performance but charges quite reasonably for it. It has boosted power solution, comprehensive cooling design, and high-performance networking technology to handle i9 10900K. Like most other ASUS motherboards it also has punk aesthetics and stainless steel Strix nameplate that catches the eyes of the beholder immediately. The addressable RGB headers also improve the overall look of the motherboard. In addition, it comes with 6 Sara ports that allow it to transfer up to 6Gb data per second. There is also 1 USB 3.2 Gen 2 port on the front, 1 USB 3.2 Gen 1 header, and 2 M.2 sockets. The ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G Gaming WiFi features industry-leading connectivity technology to give your connection a boost.

The WiFi 6 (802.11 ax) and Intel 2.5 GB Ethernet work together to enhance the network performance. It also features AI intelligent controls along with certified compatibility ability that makes it an ideal motherboard for PC builders and those people who are interested in conducting benchmarking tests. Along with this, the thick thermal pad, MOS heatsink, M.2 heatsink, CPU fan header, and water pump header efficiently remove the heat to keep the PC working at optimum condition. ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G Gaming WiFi is equipped with excellent power architecture to provide power to the rig. The durable capacitors, ProCool II power connectors, 12+2 power stages, and high-quality alloy chokes provide the system with stability to supply the current effectively.

Also, the Digi+ VRM (Voltage-Regulator Module) ensure that the components receive a clean and accurate power supply. It integrates revolutionary technologies like Armoury Crate and RAMCache III to reduce game loading times. There is also the 5-way optimization feature to manage the motherboard profile. ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G Gaming WiFi also has UEFI BIOS that is suitable for both beginners and veterans. Last but not least, this motherboard can be bought online for somewhere around $340-$360. This price tag makes it a great Midrange option for i9 10900K. However, some people have reported that its GPU slots are quite small and can create problems for some bigger GPU cards.

8. MSI MEG Z490I Unify


  • Lightning Fast Thunderbolt 3 ports.
  • High-speed 2.5GbE LAN and Intel Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.
  • Excellent overclocking performance.
  • Features such as Thunderbolt 3 Type-C port, PCIe 4.0 ready.
  • 8-phase Vcore VRM on a 10-layer PCB, 2.5 Gb/s LAN and built-in WiFi 6 support.


  • Lack of RGB lighting may be a deal breaker for some users who prefer more flashy designs.
  • Long term TDP can get pushed way up when overclocking which could lead to potential overheating issues in certain scenarios.

MSI MEG Z490I Unify is one of the Best Motherboards for i9 10900K. It has a durable built and it is equipped with an extensive range of features that make it a great choice for overclocking enthusiasts, professional gamers, and PC builders alike. Plus, this motherboard comes with an LGA 1200 socket and Z490 chipset which again makes it a great choice for i9 10900K. First of all, MSI MEG Z490I Unify has a 10 layer PCB surrounding it to improve the efficiency and redundancy of the power supply. It comes with direct 8 phases, 90A smart power stage, Titanium Choke III, and digital PWM to feed power-hungry processors and provide extreme gaming performance.

This motherboard features Thunderbolt 3 ports that can transfer data up to 40Gb/s to process the commands faster and deliver rapid output. Besides this, MSI MEG Z490I Unify uses WiFi 6, LAN manager, and 2.5G LAN to manage and upgrade the connection of your PC. Plus the audio capacitors, audio golden jokes, isolated audio design, and De-Pop protection provide an unprecedented audio experience to the users. The isolated audio design plays the most effective role in providing studio-grade audio as in this design audio components are electrically isolated and separated from other components. This motherboard makes use of innovative and latest cooling design to regulate the temperature of the PC even during work-intensive hours.

It has an extended heat pipe design, Zero Froze technology, thermal pads, M.2 shield Froze, aluminum IO cover, and thermal pad to dissipate the extra heat produced by the PC. It also comes with advanced Gen 4 connectivity solutions which make it future-proof. Besides this, MSI MEG Z490I Unify can be bought online for $329-$325.However, even with all the premium audio components, people have complained about the faulty audio quality of this motherboard. Also, sometimes the motherboard heats up too during long gaming sessions or while overclocking the processor. Still, MSI MEG Z490I Unity is a worthy motherboard for i9 10900K thanks to its optimized power architecture, thunderbolt 3 ports, and premium built.


Now you are familiar with the Best Motherboards for i9 10900K available in the market. Every motherboard has its own specialty and downsides i.e. some are gaming beasts while others are budget options. Just read the reviews and shortlist the motherboard that you think will suit your needs. Keep in mind the Best Motherboard for you is the Motherboard that suits your needs the best.

You can also use the shopping tips mentioned in this blog and go explore the local PC shop in your area. However, I have listed the best options here already so you won’t lose anything if you choose a motherboard from this list. I hope this blog helps you in making a smart purchase. Comment below if you have any questions. Good Luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best motherboard for i9 10900k?

A motherboard with LGA 1200 CPU socket, Z490 chipset, powerful VRM, M.2 slots, and decent cooling should be perfect for i9 10900K. So motherboards like ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex, GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Xtreme, and MSI MEG Z490 Godlike are best for i9 10900K.

What chipset is the i9 10900k?

Intel i9 10900K has whopping ten cores and 20 threads. It is a gaming best Lake Comet processor with a base clock of 3.7 GHz. The Z490 Chipset motherboard should be ideal for i9 10900K.

Which motherboard is best for i9 10900k processor?

Powerful Z490 chipset motherboards like ASUS Z490-E ROG STRIX GAMING, Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC, and MSI MEG Z490I Unify are best for i9 10900K processor.

What is the cheapest motherboard for the Core i9-10900K?

Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC and MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi are a few of the cheapest motherboards for Core i9-10900K but they do not compromise on quality, features, and performance.

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