6 Best Motherboards for AMD FX 8350 for 2024

Within the ever-evolving landscape of PC gaming and high-performance computing, the nucleus of any potent system resides in its motherboard. For those who swear by the raw power of the AMD FX 8350 processor, choosing the right motherboard is paramount to unlocking its full potential. As we step into the dynamic landscape, where technological advancements continue to redefine the gaming experience, the quest for the perfect motherboard intensifies.

The AMD FX 8350, known for its robust performance and multitasking capabilities, demands a motherboard that can harness its prowess. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, a content creator pushing the boundaries of multimedia, or a tech enthusiast building the ultimate rig, the choice of motherboard can make all the difference. In this guide, we bring you the best motherboards for AMD FX 8350 that can elevate your computing experience to a whole new level.

But before we dive into our top picks, let’s take a quick look at what factors make a motherboard suitable for the AMD FX 8350 processor.

Things To Consider

Bottlenecking: When selecting a motherboard, make sure your component specifications (CPU, memory, GPU) do not exceed the motherboard’s capabilities. AMD FX8530 is a great example of an exceptional CPU that will bottleneck with certain motherboards, even though it’s a great CPU. The bottleneck will occur when the specifications of your PC components are higher than what the motherboard can handle, causing your PC to run slower.

Chipsets: There are different chipsets for AMD processors which represent the best motherboard manufacturers. As far as overclocking is concerned, they are generally the same and will work with any FX 8350 CPU. If you’re building a new PC then it’s preferable to choose a chipset that supports USB 3.0 because of its performance edge over traditional USB 2.0, along with the latest SATA versions.

Dual Graphics Card: Dual GPU configurations are supported by some motherboards but it’s not recommended to run two graphics cards together unless you have a very good CPU for that motherboard. This is because dual-card setups are often severe bottlenecks if the CPU isn’t up to snuff.

Overclocking: To overclock with an AMD FX 8350 processor, you will need the Best Motherboard for AMD FX 8350 because overclocking needs a considerable amount of voltage supplied to the CPU through additional power connectors or regulator modules. You can do the overclocking manually, however, overclocking through UEFI BIOS is best for AMD FX 8350.

Best Motherboards for AMD FX 8350 Reviews



  • Uses an all-new socket design
  • Offers plenty of USB connections for external devices
  • Features a virtualization technology chip


  • Not compatible with some older AMD CPUs

GIGABYTE GA 990FXA-ud3 motherboard made with an all-new socket design that supports the latest USB technologies, such as the latest Ultra-Speed USB interface standard. It allows for quicker data transfers when connecting digital cameras and printers to computers. With its dual-port accelerated USB interface, this motherboard offers twice the USB power available in other computer motherboards.

And, to top it off, the GA series also features an internal OC Genie chip to ensure that the extra power is always available when needed. It offers excellent sound quality in both gaming and music applications. For gamers, the onboard RealTek sound card helps create a realistic environment with superior audio quality. It’s done through the exclusive AMD Power Mix technology, which allows for one of the best audio experiences available on a computer.

In addition to this, the GA series motherboard also features the powerful GIGABYTE 8X headphone port, complete with a microphone input for wireless connectivity and an automated headphone volume control for real-time communication. Users can set up their games through the innovative FireWire port, connecting the GA series to a home entertainment system. The GIGABYTE GA series is equipped with several unique features that help maintain performance levels at a premium for cooling.

Using four fans and two heat sinks to provide cooling, this motherboard never ensures again will you have to replace a desktop computer because it’s too hot to use. Also, the AMD processor’s virtualization technology chips help maximize your system’s efficiency while running several programs simultaneously. With a vast 95% thermal efficiency, the desktop computer cooling fan is always working at full speed to keep your notebook PC at a constant temperature.



  • Good looks and build quality
  • Front-mounted USB 3.1 and M.2 connector
  • Onboard fan controller and LED light control


  • Needs BIOS update right away
  • Doesn’t have a USB Type C

The ASUS 970 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard is designed for gamers who need reliable performance and features. Powered by AMD 970 and SB950 chipset, this motherboard supports multi-core CPUs, has four DIMMs slots with support for up to 64GB of RAM, has three PCIe x16 slots, an integrated graphic card on the CPU, and supports NVIDIA SLI/AMD CrossFire technology. It comes with Intel Gigabit LAN and 802.11ac WiFi for the best internet connectivity.

It is a user-friendly motherboard that can be overclocked without much effort. It has three PCIe x16 slots that are fully compatible with multi-GPU solutions from NVIDIA or AMD, allowing smooth gameplay at high frame rates in all games, an integrated graphic card on the CPU, and lots more. This motherboard has excellent performance, reliability and the ability to be customized.

All gamers need future upgrades and outstanding performance in existing games without changing motherboards. This motherboard is for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money while getting good features. It also comes with the ASUS Aura RGB LED lighting system, which includes a set of headers for RGB strips, can, can synchronize all connected devices with a single click, and excellent software that allows a lot of customization.

With the Aura RGB lighting system, users can easily change the motherboard’s appearance to match their other components. It even comes with great software that lets you control the motherboard’s lighting schemes, allowing you to use it as a visual indicator for your CPU temperature, audio profile, or even the volume of your music.



  • Highly efficient with an excellent power-saving
  • OC profiles for quick switching
  • Robust SATA 6Gb/s support for faster data


  • Only two memory slots
  • No USB 3.0 front header block

The ASUS M5A99FX PRO motherboard is the perfect foundation for your powerful AMD-based build. Featuring 990FX chipset compatibility and a robust SATA 6Gb/s interface, this board delivers the stability and reliability you need. Plus, it offers you all the current and future-proof features you’d expect from a state-of-the-art board like USB 3.0 and PCI Express 2.0. It’s the most powerful foundation which to build your dream system. It’s this eye for innovation and attention to quality that makes ASUS the world’s best-selling motherboard brand.

The M5A99FX PRO R2.0 also features a wide array of exclusive ASUS innovations which make your life easier, from EZ DIY features like one-click Bluetooth and USB connections for your peripherals to the ASUS AI Suite II utility that lets you monitor and tweak numerous vitals in real-time. In addition, the M5A99FX PRO R2.0 is designed with breakpoints for OC profiles, letting you alter performance settings in real-time.

And if stability is key for your build, the M5A99FX PRO R2.0 includes all-new upgraded components and exclusive ASUS ProCool power connectors that lower temperatures to avoid overheating when pushing the envelope. This motherboard is supercharged to offer you the ultimate AMD computing experience. It’s everything you need to supercharge your other components, too, including DDR3 memory of up to 2133 MHz for ultra-fast transfers.

ASUS EPU power-saving technology automatically adjusts power consumption according to the CPU load, so your PC runs efficiently even during intense gaming sessions. With all these features, you know that ASUS adds value to their hardware. That’s why this motherboard is much more than just a foundation for great computing. It’s also the key to expanding the limits of your system’s potential.

4. ASUS M5A78L-M Plus


  • Great cooling system
  • Enhanced overclocking features
  • Advanced security control


  • Few memory counters
  • Non-standard power supply

While looking for ultimate performance from your processor, then look no further than the powerful new ASUS M5A78L-M**.** This motherboard delivers a powerful gaming experience through a high-quality combination of components and integrating functions. This motherboard supports unique L3 caches and offers enhanced overclocking features with much less power draw. It also features complete dual-channel memory support and speeds through HyperTransport technology, allowing it to save more power than other traditional CPUs.

The latest cooling fan controls the system, while also including a large number of customizable options such as multiple CPU colors, PCI Express speeds, system fans, and much more. It features standard voltage and has two-sided heat sinks that are fully protected with metal coverings. One of the major features of this motherboard is that it supports overclocking with the all-in-one turbo function.

It also has an advanced security control feature that allows users to turn off system sound, camera, and camera echo effects. It has an overclocking security feature that limits overclockers to a maximum of five percent of their maximum allowed voltage and allows a constant level of performance. This motherboard is also well equipped with 5K and multi-phase induction power modules that improve power efficiency for a quiet and cooler system.

This motherboard also includes two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and one HDMI port that allow it to be used with many different devices. This motherboard also has support for up to 32GB of memory and 4GB of video card memory that provide comprehensive compatibility. It offers high-level performance with support for up to eight 3.0 USB ports that allow it to be used with most modern devices. All these features make the motherboard a good choice when building up your PC.

5. MSI 970 Gaming


  • High-end design of an AMD FX processor
  • Allows you to boost your system’s speed
  • Includes an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 chipset


  • Costly for budget buyers
  • Does not support SLI configuration

The MSI 970 Gaming motherboard is perfect for any severe hardcore gamer. This model is equipped with all the necessary elements to make your gaming experience all the more thrilling and enjoyable. It is a high-end design of an AMD FX processor, with four built-in cores and eight gigs of RAM clocked at a robust 7 GHz. You will also get a PCI Express slot and PCI bus slot along with a standard-sized PCI card, which can be upgraded when you need to.

The MSI Gaming motherboard has a good range of features complemented by its unique design. Unlike most other motherboards, the MSI 970 Gaming is equipped with the new MSI OC series. The MSI OC series is built on the same general principle as that of the standard OC series, but the difference lies in the level of quality that goes into making it.

With four real-life fans and a fantastic running speed, you will have all the demanding conditions you would come to expect from an ultimate gaming PC. This motherboard will allow you to maximize your potential with a fantastic technology called overclocking. With the overclocking facility available on this motherboard, you will be able to get a processor that is two or three times the speed of the one you have.

With the help of an overclocking facility, you will run your system at overclocking speeds that will make your system extremely efficient. By using the MSI Gaming model, you will get the best possible performance out of your old PC and make sure that you have all the components you require inside your system.

6. MSI 760GMA P34


  • Work with 3200MHz DDR3 memory
  • Voltage Indication Sensors
  • Features a BIOS chip to control CPU


  • Fans do not come with LED lights
  • High voltages can cause displays

Are you in the market for a new AMD motherboard? If so, you’ll want to check out the MSI 760GMA P34? This motherboard is designed for AMD’s latest Athlon X4 processors, and it has plenty of features that will appeal to budget-minded gamers and power users. Let’s take a closer look at what this board has to offer.

One of the best features is the Active Phase Switching technology, which helps conserve energy on most motherboards by switching off the power supply only when required. All MSI motherboards are designed with this new technology in mind, and they come with voltage indication sensors so that you can automatically know the power status.

One great thing about the MSI 760GMA P34 motherboard is that it has been designed with top-notch components and technology to ensure that you get the best performance every single time. It comes with standard voltage alerts, and even if your processor overheats, these temperature indicators will shut down the processor automatically and reduce heat dissipation.

They are equipped with two fans to ensure that your cooling is not affected while working on the computer. There is even a BIOS chip inside, enabling you to turn on or off CPU fans and other devices with a simple press of a button. These are the very best features that an MSI motherboard has to offer. If you are into advanced gaming or want to multitask more efficiently, the MSI 760GMA P34 should be on your list of motherboards to consider.


When it comes to choosing a motherboard for your AMD FX 8350, there are many factors you should consider. We’ve compiled the best motherboards for this CPU based on factors of compatibility, features, performance, and budget. The AMD FX 8350 is an old CPU, but it’s still compatible with most AM3+ sockets motherboards. This CPU can handle up to 2400 MHz Ram modules which makes your choice of motherboard pretty wide, however, there are some specific requirements.

AM3+ Socket motherboards are a bit hard to find nowadays since AMD released the new AM4 socket Ryzen processors, but there’s still a wide choice of different models on the market. In our opinion, the GIGABYTE GA 990FXA UD3 is currently the best motherboard for AMD FX 8350 in terms of performance and budget.

The GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 is very popular with gamers who want to upgrade their older CPUs. Its main selling point is definitely how affordable it is while offering excellent support for your Socket AM3+ processors, which includes the AMD FX 8350. It’s a feature-rich motherboard with great cooling and overclocking potential, especially if you want to build an awesome themed computer or gaming rig.


What is the best motherboard for AMD FX 8350?

It may be difficult to know which one will work best and meet your requirements. This article will give you some basic information on how to make that decision and what to look for in a good motherboard. motherboard for AMD FX 8350, let’s get started.

Is the AMD FX 8350 Good for Gaming?

Recently I bought an AMD FX 8350 for testing it and I’m very happy with it. I know many others who have purchased it and they are just as happy with their purchase. The reason why this card is so special is because it supports new streaming technologies which make games run much better than ever before and allow you to do things like have multiple monitors hooked up at once and not lose all your progress in the process. I personally feel that the new cards are here to stay, and I can’t wait to see what new innovations come out for them in the future.

What is the max temp for AMD FX 8350?

AMD has been making good products recently with their new range of AMD FX computers, but do the AMD FX system requirements let it be too aggressive? This article looks at how to determine the maximum speed that your computer can operate at when you use your new AMD system. If you need to know what is the max temp for AMD FX 8350, then read on to discover how to go about achieving this figure so that you can get the best out of your system.

What socket is AMD FX 8350?

If you have a question about what socket is AMD FX 8350, then the first question that you need to ask is whether your computer is compatible with it. The only way to determine this is to open the device and check whether there is a USB port or not. If you find a USB port, then your computer is compatible with this socket. On the other hand, if you do not find a USB port on your desktop, then your computer is not compatible with this socket. In case, if you have an older model computer and want to upgrade to newer model, you can simply look for a compatible one for your FX series of computer, since it is available in the market.

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