8 Best AM3+ CPUs for 2024

Big PC CPU builders introduced the Best AM3+ CPUs in 2011 and they immediately dominated the market. They offer fast processing speed along with high-end performance and that is why they are still relevant. AM3+ socket is the better version of the AM3 socket and it is loaded with comprehensive features. You must have seen enthusiasts and gamers utilize AM3 +CPUs builds and that is because these CPUs deliver stable output with a smooth computing experience.

Most AM3 + CPUs have 8 cores and multiple threads with sufficient clock speed to offer ultimate overclocking performance. Most of them do not get heated easily and are equipped with a balanced cache to improve loading times. Most importantly, they are far less expensive than all the latest CPUs available in the market. Plus if paired with a great motherboard and PC components, The Best AM3+CPUs can provide top-notch results.

So if you are thinking of buying an AM3+CPU; you are making a smart choice. But so many AM3 CPUs can be found in the market that people often get confused while shopping. It takes hours of research and multiple market rounds to make an informed consumer decision but who has time to do all this? This is where I come into the picture. I have spent hours reading and researching to come up with this list of the Best AM3+ CPUs.

This list includes all the premium AM3+ CPUs available in the market so you just have to read these reviews and buy a CPU that suits your needs. But before discussing AM3 CPUs, let’s just go over some quick shopping tips that will help you buy an excellent CPU.

Things To Consider

Follow these shopping tips whenever you are shopping for a CPU.

Brand: First of all, you need to buy a CPU from a renowned brand that has released various praise-worthy CPUs in past. You should not buy from shady brands that sell cheap CPUs because they won’t last more than a few months and their customer support will never assist you in any way. So it is better to buy from a popular brand that has been around for a while. Don’t worry these brands do have budget options available so avoid going for overly cheap CPUs from unknown brands.

Cores and Threads: Remember that more core means faster computing speed and smooth sailing performance. And more thread means that the CPU can handle multiple tasks spontaneously. A competent CPU has an adequate amount of cores and threads to boost the computing process. So try to buy a CPU with 8 mores and at least 8 threads or more if possible. 

TDP: Thermal Design Power (TDP) is the total power a system can consume. High TDP means A CPU consumes more power and vice versa. This is why high-end CPUs usually have Higher TDP but then they also produce heat in abundance which can damage the PC components. So if you buy a CPU with a higher TDP, you will most likely need to buy a stock cooler too to regulate the temperature.

Overclocking Potential: CPUs can be overclocked to unleash maximum potential out of the build. When you overclock your PC, the processing speed is improved and you get rapid output results. Hence it is necessary to buy a CPU with good overclocking potential so you can overclock it during gaming sessions to step up your experience. 

Clock Speed: The more the clock speed, the better is the system processing speed and overclocking abilities of a CPU. Try to buy a CPU with over 3 MHz base clock speed and 3.7-4 MHz maximum clock speed to get consistent and continuous output from your PC.

Cache: Smart Cache plays an important role in the CPU processing system. It temporarily stores data so that the data can be loaded immediately when it is needed. Smart Cache significantly reduces loading times and boosts the system to get amazing performance. So buy a CPU with a balanced amount of smart cache. I would recommend you to invest in a PC with at least 16 MB of total Cache.

Our Recommendation for Best AM3+ CPUs

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1. AMD FX-8350 Black Edition

Best Premium AM3+ CPU


  • Improved Multitasking abilities
  • Balanced Cache for faster processing
  • Excellent overclocking ability


  • Higher Power Consumption
  • Expensive


CPU Type: AMD FX | Series: 8350 Black Edition | Interface: AM3+ | Frequency: 4.0 GHz | Turbo Frequency: 4.2 GHz | Number of Cores: 8 | Cache: 8 MB L2 + 8 MB L3 |

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition is the best Premium AM3 + CPU that comes with enhanced multitasking capabilities as well as enriched core performance. This CPU comes with an AM3+ socket and 32nm SOI technology. The amazing clock speed and balanced cache allow it to support long hours of overclocking without lagging. It is an ideal choice for gamers who want faster rates and professionals who do data-intensive tasks i.e. programming and streaming etc.

It features 6 cores and 8 threads to support intense multitasking and smooth performance under all circumstances. The cores and AMD Turbo Core Technology improve the processing speed and frame rates to offer uninterrupted output. Moreover, AMD FX-8350 Black Edition features a base clock speed of 4.0 GHz that can be boosted up to 4.2GHz if you push this CPU to its maximum potential.  Plus its default TDP is 125W and its maximum operating temperature is 61°C.

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition also has 384 KB L1 cache, 8 MB L2 Cache, and 8 MB L3 Cache that further improves multitasking. It can support DDR3 memory and 1866 memory frequency. The security levels of this Best AM3+ CPU are also decent for device isolation and user application. You can buy it online for $391.02 which is a little expensive but this is a justified price for a high-end CPU.

But although it makes use of the CC6 power state to reduce power consumption, still it uses more power than its competitors. It is not surprising though because this CPU is a performance beast so power conservation is not its major plus point. You should definitely give AMD FX-8350 Black Edition a chance if you don’t want to compromise on the performance and can afford it.

2. AMD FX-6300 Black Edition

Best Overall AM3+ CPU


  • Decent Number of Cores and Threads
  • Great Value for Money
  • Good overclocking performance


  • Build lacks


CPU Type: AMD FX | Series: 6300 Black Edition | Interface: AM3+ | Frequency: 3.5 GHz | Turbo Frequency: 3.8 GHz | Number of Cores: 8 | Cache: 8 MB L2 + 8 MB L3 |

AMD FX-6300 Black Edition is another great all-purpose AMD CPU. It offers enriched core performance and a robust set of features to deliver stable overclocking and gaming performance. The benchmarking results done by experts have shown that this CPU can give competition to expensive CPUs but it is quite affordable. It also incorporates the latest technologies to give your PC the extra boost it requires to deliver optimum performance.

It is unlocked for overclocking with a 3.5 GHz base clock speed and 3.8 GHz maximum clock speed that is enough to offer faster processing and overclocking performance. Plus this CPU has an AM3+ socket and a maximum operating temperature of 70.5°C which means it can run at full speed even if the temperature is high. So it may be possible for you to save some money off the cooler if you plan it right.

Additionally, AMD FX-6300 Black Edition comes with 6 cores and 6 threads that help it in handling multiple tasks at the same time. This CPU features 288KB, 6MB, and 8MB LI cache, L2 cache, and L3 Cache respectively to reduce lagging and deliver maximum frame rates. AMD FX-6300 Black Edition also comes with PCIe 3.0 support that improves data transfer speed and memory drive processing. Plus it uses DDR3 memory with up to 1866 MHz memory frequency which is more than enough to give your PC a performance push.

AMD FX-6300 Black Edition can be bought from Amazon for $102.1 which is very reasonable. This CPU offers great value for money; it houses comprehensive features and yet its price tag is budget-friendly. But some consumers have complained that its body is not very sturdy so it is a little fragile. Still, AMD FX-6300 Black Edition is the Best Overall AM3 + CPU that will be a great addition to any gaming PC or regular Desktop computer.

3. AMD FX-9590 Black Edition

Best Flagship AM3+ CPU


  • Boosted clock speed
  • Great Multithread performance


  • Produces tons of heat
  • Needs liquid cooling


CPU Type: AMD FX | Series: 9590 Black Edition | Interface: AM3+ | Frequency: 4.7 GHz | Turbo Frequency: 5.0 GHz | Number of Cores: 8 | Cache: 8 MB L2 + 8 MB L3 |

This CPU is the ultimate performance processor for overclocking enthusiasts and people who enjoy multitasking. AMD FX-9590 Black Edition can really push your PC to the edge and deliver outstanding performance when paired with an appropriate motherboard. It sports an AM3+ socket and 32nm SOI is the processor technology for CPU cores. Although it’s a little expensive, it is the Best Flagship AM3+ CPU available in the market.

AMD FX-9590 Black Edition features 384KB L1 Cache, 8MB L2 Cache and 8MB L3 Cache that boosts the speed of your PC. They play an important role in making sure that your PC delivers consistent output without any interruption. The base clock of 4.7 GHz and maximum clock boost of 5.0 GHz also enables this CPU to offer incredible overclocking performance. Benchmarking results have shown that its multi-thread performance is also quite amazing.

This Best AM3+CPU comes with 8 cores and 8 threads to support multi-thread performance and back complex computing tasks. Furthermore, this CPU makes use of DDR3 memory with 1866MHz memory frequency to carry out all the tasks. The memory support and multiple cores allow AMD FX-9590 Black Edition to provide one of the best overclocking results. It also integrates great performance-boosting technologies. 

However, it has a default TDP of 220W which means it consumes more power and hence produces more heat. Experts recommend using liquid cooling with AMD FX-9590 Black Edition which can be quite expensive on your wallet. Plus this CPU can be bought from Amazon for $330-$335 but various other processors offer way more at a lesser price. Plus the extra liquid cooler also increases the cost. Though, AMD FX-9590 Black Edition is an amazing option for multi-thread performance and overclocking.

4. AMD FX-8320 Black Edition

Best Black AM3+ CPU


  • Budget-friendly
  • Supports Multi-threaded performance


  • Consumes an abundance of power
  • Lacks PCIe support


CPU Type: AMD FX | Series: 8320 Black Edition | Interface: AM3+ | Frequency: 3.5 GHz | Turbo Frequency: 4.0 GHz | Number of Cores: 8 | Cache: 8 MB L2 + 8 MB L3 |

AMD FX-8320 Black Edition is a great budget option and it comes with comprehensive features as well as increased clock rate headroom. Its maximum operating temperature is 61.1°C and its default TDP is 125W. Plus This CPU is unlocked for overclocking and ready to support long hours of overclocking. Due to its budget-friendly price tag and all-rounded abilities, many claims that it is the Best Black AM3+ CPU.

Based on bulldozer architecture, AMD FX-8320 Black Edition comes with 8 cores and 8 threads to deliver high-end multi-core performance. It is also equipped with a balanced amount of smart cache to speed up the PC and offer reliable output performance. This CPU has 384KB L1 Cache and 8MB L2 Cache to hold the data for fast loading. There is also a total of 8 MB L3 Cache that helps improve the performance.

In addition, this best AM3 + CPU is backed by 3.5 GHz and 4.0 GHz base clock and 4.0 GHz maximum clock boost respectively. It can also support DDR3 memory with 1899 MHz memory frequency for maximum memory performance. Most importantly, you can buy it from Amazon for $95 which is affordable. It is the only eight-core CPU that you can buy for less than $100 to enjoy multi-thread performance.

However, AMD FX-8320 Black Edition consumes a large amount of power and can get heated pretty quickly. Though you may not necessarily need a stock cooler for it, its temperature remains slightly high while it runs. It also lacks PCIe support. But if you only have a budget of $100 then you should go ahead and invest in this CPU. It will offer good overclocking and gaming support within a limit of course.

5. AMD FX-8370 Black Edition

Best Performance AM3+ CPU


  • Unmatchable clock speed
  • Multi-threaded performance beast


  • Lags in single-core performance
  • Lacks USB or PCIe ports


CPU Type: AMD FX | Series: 8370 Black Edition | Interface: 8370 Black Edition | Frequency: 4.0 GHz | Turbo Frequency: 4.3 GHz | Number of Cores: 8 | Cache: 8 MB L2 + 8 MB L3 |

It is the Best Performance AM3+ CPU that offers a balanced smart cache, multiple cores, and decent overclocking potential. AMD FX-8370 Black Edition comes with an AM3+ socket and can offer aggressive performance that makes it an ideal choice for professionals who build 3D models and video editing etc. AMD FX-8370 Black Edition also makes use of AMD Turbo Core Technology to deliver boosted gaming and overclocking experience.

AMD FX-8370 Black Edition has a 4.0 GHz base clock and 4.3 GHz boosted clock speed that enables it to offer better-overclocking headroom. This CPU does not compromise on performance and it is unlocked for overclocking. Its default TDP is 125W and 61.1°C is its maximum operating temperature. Besides this, it can accommodate DDR3 memory with up to 1866 MHz for fast loading times and less lagging.

This Best AM3+ CPU uses 32nm SOI processor technology for CPU cores. It also offers incredible multi-threaded performance thanks to 8 cores and 8 threads. AMD FX-8370 Black Edition is available on Amazon for around $270-$285 which makes it an amazing mid-range multi-threaded CPU. If you search thoroughly, you can probably find it for an even lesser price than this. This CPU truly offers enhanced performance and faster frame rates as an expensive CPU but does not cost as much.

But AMD FX-8370 Black Edition benchmarking results conducted by experts have shown that it lacks in single-core performance especially if games are played in high settings. It also lacks PCIe support for gaming and better graphic output. If you do heavy multitasking then you should go for AMD FX-8370 Black Edition as it offers reliable and fast multi-thread performance. It is a solid CPU that will make a stable base for your PC build.

6. AMD FX-4300 Black Edition

Best Bulldozer AM3+ CPU


  • Consumes less power
  • Good Enough overclocking


  • Limited cores
  • Less overclocking headroom


CPU Type: AMD FX | Series: 4300 Black Edition | Interface: AM3+ | Frequency: 3.8 GHz | Turbo Frequency: 4.0 GHz | Number of Cores: 8 | Cache: L1-192KB/L2-4MB/L3-4MB |

It is the Best Bulldozer AM3+ CPU that has shown good results in benchmarking tests. AMD FX-4300 Black Edition achieved 24% better frame rates than most of its competitors and it costs way less than all of them, incredible right? This CPU has an AM3+ port and it can support decent games with high-quality graphics. It even comes with an especially fast audio encoding system that provides a superior audio experience.

AMD FX-4300 Black Edition houses 4 cores and 4 threads to handle multiple complex tasks spontaneously. This CPU uses 32nm SOI processor technology for CPU cores. It also features a sufficient amount of cache that can store data for immediate use and hence boost the loading times. The 192 KB L1 Cache, 4 MB L2 Cache, and 4 MB L3 Cache work together to reduce lagging effectively. Plus its default TDP is only 95W so this CPU conserves energy. 

It can operate at a maximum of 70.5°C temperature. In addition, AMD FX-4300 Black Edition has a 3.8 GHz base clock that can be boosted to 4.0 GHz to get optimum performance out of your PC build. Also, this CPU uses DDR3 memory which has a memory frequency of 1866MHz. Last but not least, you can it buy from Amazon for $50-$60 which means it is one of the most economical AM3 motherboards.

But you cannot expect AMD FX-4300 Black Edition to compare with high-end motherboards and support high resolutions in gaming. It also only has 4 cores and 4 threads which can limit the multitasking efficiency. Still, it only costs about $50 so for its price tag, its features and performance are justified. It is certainly not for professionals, I would recommend it to budget PC builders and those gamers with a tight budget.

7. AMD FX-9370 Black Edition



  • Amazing 4.7 boosted Clock speed
  • 8 Cores and threads


  • Higher power consumption
  • Heats up often


CPU Type: AMD FX | Series: 9370 Black Edition | Interface: AM3+| Frequency: 4.4 GHz | Turbo Frequency: 4.7 GHz | Number of Cores: 8 | Cache: L1-384kb/L2-8MB/L3-8MB |

AMD FX-9370 Black Edition was designed to meet the demands of the ultimate gaming and overclocking rig. It is sturdy and comes with an AM3+ socket. It is a performance beast that pushes your motherboard to the edge to offer maximum performance with faster frame rates. This CPU also offers unmatchable compatibility with a wide range of PC components i.e. coolers, PSUs and motherboards, etc so you can conveniently pair it with any product to build your rig.

This CPU has a 4.4 GHz base clock that can be boosted to a whopping 4.7 GHz for stable and long hours of overclocking. There are also 8 cores and 8 threads which make multi-tasking possible. AMD FX-9370 Black Edition, like most AM3 motherboards, supports DDR3 memory with 1866MHz frequency. Plus its default TDP is 220W and its maximum operating temperature is 57°C. 

Furthermore, AMD FX-9370 Black Edition integrates AMD Turbo Core 3.0 technology that optimizes core performance and delivers optimum frame rates. The 348KB L1 cache, 8MB L2 Cache, and 8MB L3 Cache make data available readily to reduce lagging and enhance the processing speed. Plus Best AMD AM3+ CPU is available online for $220-$230 which is reasonable for this CPU.

However, AMD FX-9370 Black Edition consumes an enormous amount of power because its TDP is 220W. It also produces a lot of heat that can get trapped in the Build and damage your components. So you may need to invest in a CPU cooler separately to regulate the temperature which will financially burden you more. In conclusion, AMD FX-9370 Black Edition is a great performance CPU that features 4.7 GHz of boosted memory clock and 8 cores to power your PC. Though you should only buy it if you have the budget to buy a cooler too.

8. AMD FX+8300 Black Edition

Best Gaming AM3+ CPU


  • Consumes less power
  • Do not heat up easily


  • Very Expensive
  • Multi-thread performance lacks as compared to competitors


CPU Type: AMD FX  | Series: 8300 Black Edition | Interface: AM3+ | Frequency: 3.2 GHz | Turbo Frequency: 4.2 GHz | Number of Cores: 8 | Cache: L1-384KB/L2-8MB/L3-8MB |

The last one on my list is a gaming CPU that was made to provide optimized frame rates and better graphic details. AMD FX+8300 Black Edition is also unlocked for overclocking and has decent overclocking potential. This CPU can even support multi-tasking while preserving power and regulating temperature. It may be a little expensive but for the most part, this CPU is great for gaming rigs.

AMD FX+8300 Black Edition is powered by 8 cores ad 8 threads to unleash the full potential of your build and offer superior gaming performance. Also, it integrates various performance boost technologies that improve the processing speed of the PC and help it in delivering robust performance. This Best Gaming AM3+ CPU has 384KB LI cache, 8 MB L2 Cache, and 8MB L3 Cache to store a large amount of data that is ready to load and run at a single command.

Additionally, it only has 95W TDP which means that it does not consume a lot of power. It can also run at 70.5°C at full speed without compromising on performance so it can withstand high temperatures. Besides this, AMD FX+8300 Black Edition features 3.3 GHz of a base clock and 4.2 GHz of maximum boosted clock that is more than enough for a gaming rig. It supports DDR3 memory with a frequency of 1866 MHz.

You can buy this CPU from Amazon for $400 -$410 which is quite expensive even for a high-end gaming AM3 CPU. Plus the multi-thread performance of AMD FX+8300 Black Edition is disappointing as compared to its competitors which cost less. In short, AMD FX+8300 Black Edition is a fine gaming CPU but there are other motherboards in the market that cost less and offer better gaming potential.


Well, these are the best AM3+ CPUs available in the market. You are familiar with all of them now so you are ready to make a smart consumer decision. I recommend you to read each review in detail and weigh the pros and cons of each product properly to narrow down your list to 2-3 CPUs that you think will suit you. From these 2-3 CPUs, you can easily choose the CPU that is ideal for you.

You should buy a CPU that fall within your budget and addresses all your needs. You can use the shopping tips to explore the market on your own too but that will be a waste of your time because the Best AM3+ CPUs are already listed here. Also keep in mind that once you invest in a CPU, there is no going back. So just read, think everything thoroughly, and buy an AM3 CPU for your build. Good luck.


What is the Fastest AM3+ CPU?

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition is the fastest AM3 processor. It has 6 cores and 8 threads, 4.0 GHz Base clock speed, 4.2 GHz boosted clock speed, excellent overclocking potential, and AMD Core Turbo Technology to deliver enriched performance.

What CPUs are compatible with AM3+?

The socket AM3+ often comes with AMD processors based on Bulldozer micro-architecture. AMD FX series has such AM3+ compatible CPUs. AMD FX-9370 and AMD FX-8350 are examples of CPUs. These CPUs offer robust features and are ideal for gamers as well as overclocker enthusiasts.

Can Ryzen pair with AM3+?

No. Ryzen is not compatible with AM3+ socket that is why it cannot be paired with any AM3+ CPU. They are also not compatible with any other peripheral components that support the AM3+ socket. However, you can pair motherboard AMD FX series with AM3+ CPUs like AMD FX-8350

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