Intel’s CEO says Moore’s Law is slowing to a three-year cadence, but it’s not dead yet

Intel’s CEO says Moore’s Law is slowing to a three-year cadence, but it’s not dead yet

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has acknowledged the deceleration of Moore’s Law, noting that transistors now double in approximately three years, a departure from the traditional two-year cadence outlined by the law. Speaking at Manufacturing@MIT, Gelsinger addressed the industry’s challenge in maintaining the pace set by Moore’s Law since its inception in 1970, where it was … Read more

How Many Hard Drives Can a PC Have? (Answer!)

How Many Hard Drives Can a PC Have

Do you need to increase the storage capacity of your PC? Are you wondering, how many hard drives can a computer have before it becomes overloaded? Fortunately, the answer is – almost more than you could ever imagine. With advances in technology and prices of components dropping dramatically over the last few years, there’s no … Read more

Thermal Paste Lifespan: How Often to Change It

Thermal Paste Lifespan

Understanding the lifespan of products is important for lasting performance and reliability, especially when it comes to thermal paste. Without thermal paste, processors, video cards and other components may overheat or fail prematurely due to inadequate cooling. Thermal paste should be changed every 1-2 years depending on usage intensity and the conditions in which the … Read more

Will ddr5 ram work on ddr4 motherboard? (Explain)

Will ddr5 ram work on ddr4 motherboard

When it comes to the performance of a computer system, the RAM or random access memory is one of its most essential components. Serious gamers and tech enthusiasts are undoubtedly familiar with the ongoing debate about whether DDR5 RAM will work on DDR4 motherboards. Given their differences in speed and capacity, this is definitely a … Read more

Why RAM is Called Volatile Memory? (Comparison Guide)

How Many PCIe Express Lanes Do I Need

Do you ever find yourself asking why RAM, or Random Access Memory, is called volatile memory? We often hear this term tossed around when discussing computer systems and their components. But many of us don’t really understand what volatile memory is, let alone why its designation can be so important for a system’s performance. In … Read more

How To Program a Gaming Mouse? [Step by Step Guide]

How To Program a Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice have become an essential tool for pro gamers and casual players alike. They provide a customizable gaming experience, allowing you to program buttons, adjust DPI, and customize RGB lighting. However, the process of programming a gaming mouse can be complex and daunting for beginners. Fear not, as this article will provide a step-by-step … Read more

Do CPUs Come With Thermal Paste? (Answered!)

Do CPUs Come With Thermal Paste

With the increasing popularity of building custom PCs, many people find themselves curious about a wide variety of topics. Most common question we hear often is, “Do CPUs come with thermal paste pre-applied?” Numerous DIY PC builders are often uncertain about whether they should buy extra thermal compounds in case their new processor or CPU … Read more

How to Check How Many CPU Threads Do I Have?

How to Check How Many CPU Threads Do I Have

Understanding your computer’s hardware is essential for optimizing its performance and ensuring that it meets your specific computing needs. The most important component of your PC is the CPU, responsible for executing instructions and performing tasks. To get the full potential of your CPU, it’s crucial to know how many CPU threads your processor has. … Read more